About N2

N2 was born after I went thru a very difficult time dealing with mental health and finding myself 60 pounds heavier. After feeling so discouraged and feeling like I wouldn't be able to get back myself. I decided to take back My Life! I found a way to relieve that stress and feeling hopelessness. I took my life back lost the weight but also regained my mental health. I re found myself in working out, challenging myself physically and mentally. N2 is here for ALL THE WOMEN THAT FELT LIKE THEY CANT REGAIN THEIR LIFE BACK. N2 Athletic Wear is here to motivate every single FEARLESS woman out there. We work too damn hard why not wear stylish comfortable clothes you can trust. I'm here to motivate you and show you that you can do anything you want. Yes sometimes we wake up in the morning and everything is going wrong. Well, the only way shit is going to change how the day ends, STARTS WITH YOU! What energy are you putting out there? When you feel good, You feel FEARLESS. I want to support all those dreams that you wake up to every day. All the achievements, obstacles that you accomplish every day. Doesn't matter where you come from or what you look like. With our N2 Athletic Wear let's Make moves FEARLESS WOMEN don't stop. I'M HERE TO SUPPORT ALL THE WOMEN EVERY DAY.

Let's Bring Awareness